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Fletch For Everton? Pako for a ‘Thrilled’ Queiroz?

… and pigs flying? Too many questions. So little time. Well there is plenty of time but, you see, I have to run off on an errand or two after this so I’ll get right into this straight away without much waffling.

There have been stories that Darren Fletcher has caught David Moyes’ fancy. I think Fletcher should not move because players like him is the reason why we are where we are.

It’s funny in a way because he was, along with O’Shea and Silly, among the most ridiculed players, not so long ago. But when it came to the crunch games — be it against Chelsea at Old Trafford in the 05/06 season, or against Arsenal in the FA Cup this year — he has always shown up. Enough reason for Fergie to call him a big game player.

But besides that it’s his readiness — much like O’Shea — to be able to come on whenever Fergie deemed it right to call him and do the job without any fuss that makes him so important to the squad balance. These players know they’ll never be first choice. But it is not a sign of resigned defeat. When called they give everything they can with their limited abilities and, more often than not, do what is required of them.

Fletcher’s early promise never materialised, and his inconsistency can be infuriating but he still has qualities that makes him guaranteed to play an important role for us next season. His tireless running and tenacity are the kind of attributes that may have impressed Moyes. I personally don’t want United to sell him.

Please Fletch, stay with us.

Meanwhile there are some rumours that United might line up Pako Ayesteran (the former assistant to Spanish waiter-cum-part-time football manager Rafa Benitez) as assistant manager if Queiroz. I don’t know how true that is, but I am fairly certain that Queiroz is indeed leaving. Losing him would be like losing a father figure for the likes of Ronaldo, Nani and Anderson. And I already mentioned why I thought he’s very important to us so I won’t expand on it further.

About Pako Ayesteran, I don’t know if it carries much weight. We’ve already had Blanc and Cantona linked to us.

Other than that not much else to talk about other than wishing Anderson best of luck for his involvement in the olympics.

Till tomorrow.