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FIFA shed light on United’s recent transfer activity

A FIFA spokesman has confirmed there isn’t sufficient documentation to provide enough evidence of wrongdoing involving United over the transfer of Fiorentina youngster, Michelle Fornasier.

“We can confirm that we were contacted by Fiorentina with regard to the potential transfer of the player, Michele Fornasier, to Manchester United. However, no formal investigation has been opened since the documentation currently in our possession, from a purely formal point of view, is not apt to sustain such action.”

The situation is quite different in Italy anyway with a clear lack of protection for youngsters, unlike France which has pre-contract agreements. That of course, remains a grey area and we’re yet to see whether FIFA recognises such agreements. Regarding Paul Pogba, it seems Le Havre, for all their talk in the press, haven’t lodged a formal complaint yet against United.

“So far, no contractual claim against the player Paul Pogba and/or the club Manchester United has been lodged by the French club, Le Havre, at Fifa. The matter we are currently investigating concerns the request for intervention submitted by the Football Association on behalf of its member club, Manchester United, in relation to the international clearance for the player in question, following the refusal of the French Football Federation to issue the international transfer certificate of the player.”

FIFA have also confirmed they are pursuing a bid to secure a transfer certificate to secure the transfer of Italian defender Albert Massacci, who we’ve been linked to for a while. “With regards to Massacci, we are currently investigating the matter and ultimately, the Single Judge of the Players’ Status Committee will have to pass a formal decision on the possible provisional registration of the player to Manchester United. The relevant investigation is still pending.”



  1. Red Ranter

    22 September 2009 at 08:45

    In other news, today, Liverpool play Leeds in the Carling Cup. Quite the cuntfest isn’t it?

  2. despicable

    22 September 2009 at 08:59

    @Red Ranter: Ya it is, By the way when in united playing, I have to plan my way to home.. :mrgreen:

  3. Traverse

    22 September 2009 at 09:26

    Well this looks to confirm everything I’ve ever said on our transfer matters. Everything by the book : pissed of second division clubs.

  4. Cyclops-Red

    22 September 2009 at 21:37

    Sorry, but why is Neville being dealt with the same as a violent, Welsh thug? Saluting a few dozen deluded, TWATS is now classed as equal to smacking a restrained “fan”(idiot)??? The FA has no bollocks.

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