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Ferguson: There is absolutely no patience in the world now

Yesterday I was thinking aloud on twitter on Scolari’s sacking. I’ll quote from it for the benefit of those not following my sporadic byte-sized rants on the rather excellent micro-blogging service:

So now that Scolari’s sacked, what are the odds of tempting Zola? He says he won’t be tempted by the offer. Hmm… we’ll see.

Whether Scolari was good or not, the problem with Chelsea has been a lack of patience. Of course this is the case with most teams these days

Most sackings are followed by comments like “he’s lost the dressing room”. And if there are repeat instances like Chelsea’s case doesn’t that reflect poorly on those that inhabit the dressing room — i.e., players?

Chelsea over the years — of needless spending/chopping and changing — have accumulated far too much deadwood. Time for rebuilding question is, does Roman give a fuck anymore?

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The part highlighted in bold above underlines the essence of Fergie’s shock at Chelsea sacking Scolari. Perhaps, he may have been found out in the big league. Perhaps, his early season hysteria was an aberration. Perhaps, he didn’t get the team he wanted. But the problem with Chelsea, and many other clubs of late, has been a lack of patience in managers. Of course, the likes of Tony Adams had serious issues, but when you have a team that, despite playing poorly, is better off than Arsenal then something is clearly wrong with the game.

In addition to expressing shock, he also spoke on the role played by the media on the sacking:

“It just seems to be more volatile now. You can’t always blame the press – but it plays a part,” he said. “The way the tabloids are – competing against the internet and Sky News – there is a sensationalism every time someone has a bad result. There was great expectation at Chelsea that they were going to do well this year – and it is only this last month they have had a bad spell. The judgment really is only on the last month.”

Anyway, enough of the sermonizing. Meanwhile, let’s all laugh at Chelsea. HAHAHAHA!