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Ferguson Speaks as he Returns to Old Trafford

Sir Alex returned to Old Trafford and regular work as he spoke to the press. He said that whilst he’d be looking to start actively scouring the transfer market, he would really be looking to buy one or two players at the most.

Now some people may be worried about the apparent lack of ambition shown by the manager but I honestly think, if that player Fergie seeks to buy is a target man and if we keep hold of Ronaldo, then we’re good to go. Of course, the Ronaldo situation is the big if, and Fergie would also not want to be drawn into it. I will quote some from the interview he gave, but if you really want to see him for yourself so that you could form your own opinion based on his demeanour, his tone of speech etc, then here’s the link to the video

“The European Championship derails transfer activity. Nothing really happens during the tournament. But now it’s all over, managers will be back at their clubs and you can get some dialogue now if there’s interest. I wouldn’t think (we’ll sign) any more than one player. We are looking at one or two things. People think it’s easy to buy players nowadays but it’s not. Money plays a big part, first of all. And clubs with ambitions don’t want to sell their best players. So it’s not as easy as you’d think. We tend to look for younger players.”

This is the gist, and the video link has the full 7 minute interview. But it is nice to see him relaxed and fresh for the new season. So during the next week let’s see what the transfer market brings about.

Meanwhile the tabloids have already trumpeted Berbatov as our prime target. The story has been simmering for a while and now it has truly bubbled to the top. No substantial evidence to make that claim but if Spurs continue to bump his price, then we may as well show them the finger. I don’t think he’d be worth more than £23 million.

Speaking of transfers Deco has signed for Chelsea, which means Lampard will move to Inter. Honestly I don’t get the point of buying Deco when they already have Essien and Mikel. We’ll see how Scolari gets him to gel with Ballack.

And finally, Mikael Silvestre has decided to stay at OT for another season. That should be enough to dissuade Fergie from buying another left back.

News has been thin, but I expect it to be kicked into over drive rather soon. Another month and a half for the real season to start, although pre-season will start sooner.

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