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Ferguson on mid-season trips: last season & this season

Just two clips for today. Some curious bit of stuff from Ferguson.

This year on the FA’s proposed England friendly in Qatar:

‘All the international managers have their jobs to do and we support that, particularly when it comes to the issue of competitive games like the European Championships or the World Cup. It’s very important that these players play for their countries.

But friendly games are a different matter. I don’t think that anyone agrees with them if you’re a league coach.

‘I think that some international managers could do without the friendly games themselves, but the football associations from every country warn them that sometimes it’s a nice day for them, a nice trip, a sunny day, and in some cases it creates good revenue for them.’

Last year we had to go to Japan for the World Club championship and were already swamped with fixtures. And we had the tiny little jaunt to Saudi Arabia to play a friendly. Ferguson surely would have expressed similar frustration with that?

“The one thing I am sure about is that this trip won’t do us any harm. We’ve gone to other countries in the past. Sometimes it doesn’t work, you get back and have a bad result, and you can say we should have done this or that. But we’re back on Thursday and that gives us three days to prepare for Tottenham.”

I guess it all boils down to PR, eh?

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