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Fergie’s Wind Up Act, Levy and Not Much Else

It will be a quiet couple of days before we pay a visit to Celtic Park for a Champions’ League fixture. The weekend’s given us much to cheer about: if you are a United fan, which you’ll invariably be if you are reading this, you’ll be happy about the results at Stoke and White Hart Lane. If you take a more than passing interest in cricket (and delight in England’s failings) then you’d be chuffed about the way England were humiliated in an abomination of a Twenty20 outing. Of course, Man City stay true to their comedic type, this time against lowly Bolton.

There are reports in the media that Fergie has asked Gill to offer Ronaldo an improved contract approaching £150,000 a week. [My personal opinion is the figure is insane, but when have my personal opinions mattered anyway?] Of course, I don’t see quotes directly mentioning that, but I think Ronaldo might stay beyond this season. Or as long as Fergie stays here.

On a related note, it’s worth talking about Fergie’s comments to the media over the past week that I haven’t got the time to bring up on here. At first, I felt it was crass to be speaking about players who no longer play for our club (Heinze), however, at the end of the whole series of comments emanating from Fergie and the reaction from the Spanish capital, I think his intent is clear for all to see. He’s still mightily pissed at Real Madrid’s shameless pursuit of Ronaldo all summer and, in a pre-emptive measure, he wants to say stuff that serves to wind Calderon and his cronies up so bad that they may have to rethink their moves on Ronaldo.

Ferguson is alive to their tactics now, and seems infinitely more in control of Ronaldo than he seemed in the summer. And whether Ronaldo goes this summer or not, it will be on Fergie’s terms. Based on Ronaldo’s recent comments in the media, Ferguson’s noises and my own humble hunches I think Ronaldo will stay beyond next summer.

Also, can someone put a sock in Daniel Levy’s mouth? He’s been finding time to shift the blame on his manager, scout, sporting director, players, pencil sharpeners for his team’s dismal start to the season. But more importantly he’s found enough time to blame Berbatov the most. And if he said that Berba wanted a move for over a year, it made little sense to keep him in the first place, no? And, if he knew that Berba wanted a move for over a year, it made sense to move him on at least early in the summer, thus having the money to buy a striker who could gel with the team, yes?

So what the fuck is he on about Berbatov being the cause of world hunger? Daniel Levy, please, shut up. Just. Stop. Talking. Make love to your wife. If that doesn’t help, then see if the 4-4 draw against Arsenal gives you an orgasm. Do anything you want, but leave Berba alone. On current evidence, he already seems too good for your little club. This may seem cocky, but you, sir, are certainly not likable by any stretch of the imagination. So fuck off, please. Warm regards.

And other than this I have little else to talk about. Will be back tomorrow, hopefully. Till then, feel free to vent your spleen in the comments.

Over and out.