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Fergie’s book > Fergie’s hairdryer?

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailToday is the day. Five months after announcing his retirement and some 13 years since publishing his first book, Sir Alex Ferguson’s biography, My Autobiography, is released to the public.

There’s hardly ever been a more eagerly awaited football-related book, for Fergie being Fergie the book is likely to pull no punches and it must have more than a few people sweating. Revelations, personal attacks and scathing judgments, should have all made their way on the pages on the greatest ever British manager’s biography.

Who will Fergie’s prime targets be, though? Considering that the book he released in 2000 focused on winning Treble as much as on his – then shelved – plans of retirement, his biography is expected to explore the last 13 reigns of Fergie at Manchester United, during which he won eight Premier League titles and one European Cup.

Wayne Rooney and Paul Stretford are likely to be awarded a couple of chapters, with Rooney’s two transfer requests expected to be dealt with in great depth on the pages of Sir Alex’s book. Considering that Rooney was refused the opportunity to join Chelsea this summer and that Sir Alex remains on the club’s board of directors, Fergie’s book could spark some interesting reaction in the Rooney/Stretford camp.

Roy Keane and Carlos Tevez are also expected to feature prominently in Sir Alex’s memoir. The Irishman left United in 2005 after Sir Alex pulled the plug on Keane’s interview with MUTV in which the United captain criticised some of the younger players at the club, and Keane has since been rather bitter towards his former club (then again when one has to work with the likes of Adrian Chiles on ITV, happiness must be at a premium).

Tevez and his agent, meanwhile, are also expected to be exposed by Sir Alex Ferguson in his book, while the chapter on Cristiano Ronaldo should make for compelling reading as should the one illustrating why, last January, Fergie took the decision to retire.

In no particular order, Victoria Beckham, the FA, the PFA and UEFA are all likely to come under fire at some stage, while Rafael Benitez might wish not to pick up the book at all, for the Spaniard is widely expected to be one of the main targets of Sir Alex’s biography.

The current Napoli manager developed a feud with Sir Alex during his time at Liverpool, when he famously produced a list of facts, pointing at what he perceived to be a conspiracy to favour United.

Benitez’s attempt at mind games failed spectacularly, and the chapter about his “faaaacchhhtsss” should be one to savour.