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Fergie to help manager’s selection process

rp_SAF-War-Cry-200x200.jpgSir Alex Ferguson will have a say in deciding which manager should replace David Moyes at Old Trafford, after the former Everton manager was specifically appointed on his advice, only to fail miserably and being sacked just 10 months into his United career.

Since Moyes was relieved of his duties yesterday, two managers have already ruled themselves out of the running, with Pep Guardiola stating that he’s determined to remain at Bayern Munich for at least another two seasons, while Jurgen Klopp, who would have been the perfect choice for United, has made clear he has no intentions of leaving Dortmund.

Ryan Giggs will probably make an excellent interim manager and he’d be the romantics’ choice ahead of next season, but United have made clear that his lack of experience means he will not be considered for the manager job, though he’s more than likely he’ll be heavily involved with the coaching staff.

The pool of high-profile managers from which United can choose from, has shrunk considerably from 12 months ago, when United could have attracted pretty much any manager in the world had they chosen to do so, while now they find themselves without a manager, without European football and with limited options.

Jose’ Mourinho is the one that just won’t go away but frankly there are more chances of seeing Tom Cleverley hit a forward pass than of Mourinho leaving Chelsea for United, just a year after returning to Stamford Bridge. Louis Van Gaal was yesterday highlighted as the firm favourite to replace Moyes, both on grounds of being an excellent manager and because he’s one of the few managers available, but Carlo Ancelotti is also in the running.

While would Ancelotti leave Real Madrid – with whom he could still won the Treble this season – for a side that will probably not even play Europa League football is anyone’s guess, but various backpages this morning claim that the Italian is a much more realistic option than originally thought.

Whoever will replace Moyes, however, will have had Sir Alex Ferguson’s blessing. The Guardian and the the Telegraph today run a story according to which Fergie will again have a massive say in the next managerial’s appointment, and one can only hope things will work better than they did 10 months ago.

Fergie was apparently also involved in the discussions that led to Moyes’ sacking but, as the Guardian reports, “he was asked for his opinion but it was made clear to him that his colleagues had already made up their minds. Most of the directors had lost faith in Moyes in February and Woodward’s opinion was that he could have been sacked, justifiably, any time over the last two months.”

United seem to have realised that appointing Moyes without carrying out a proper selection process was a mistake and will now do everything they can to rectify it. As they say, better later than never.