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Fergie: “I still hate when United lose to Liverpool”

Alex-Ferguson_3066439bSir Alex Ferguson has admitted he still hates to see United losing to Liverpool and Manchester City, an event which, courtesy of David Moyes, Fergie got to experience more often that he’d have bargained for last season.

In an exclusive interview with MUTV in an interview broadcast on Monday evening entitled Sir Alex: Life After Management, the former United manager admitted emotions still run high in him when United face their two main rivals.

“I got annoyed when we lost to Liverpool last year,” said Ferguson. “I didn’t enjoy that. I don’t like losing to Liverpool and Manchester City last year, because they are your biggest rivals and the ones you always strive to defeat and are always in our way. Particularly Liverpool, of course.

“The way I’ve always been and I did it as a manager, I’m actually quite stone-faced watching a game. I don’t try to show any emotions unless we score.

“I always celebrate a goal, even now as a director I still celebrate a goal. You’re always conscious maybe the cameras are on you and this is happening quite a lot.”

The former United manager also admitted that while he missed being involved with United on a daily basis, he maintained that he took the decision to step down from his role at the right time.

“I thought when I retired I wasn’t going to look back in terms of my role as a manager,” said Ferguson. “What I didn’t do as a manager all my life was look back at things we’d achieved. I never did that, ever, because I didn’t think it was important. I always thought tomorrow was the most important day.

“That way there was always a challenge for myself. Win something – it didn’t matter, it was gone. Are we going to win something again? That was my attitude as a football manager. Obviously I miss the players and I miss the staff at Carrington, fantastic staff. The camaraderie.

“The morning meetings when we’d sit in the video analysis room and the hundred things we’d discuss. Then we’d talk about what we’d be doing in training. We had a great time and I’ve had a fantastic life, I’m very lucky and I love watching the team.”