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Fergie defends Moyes’ appointment

rp_stoke-200x2001-200x2001-200x200-200x2001-200x2001-200x200.jpgSir Alex Ferguson has defended the decision to appoint David Moyes as his replacement, even though the former Everton manager lasted only nine months at Old Trafford.

In an interview with the BBC as part of the BBC’s new documentary, Sir Alex Ferguson: Secrets of Success, the former United manager yet again insisted the process that led to Moyes’ appointment in July 2013 was extremely thorough and was a decision taken by the whole club.

“When I announced my retirement, do you honestly believe that one man could decide the future of Manchester United?” Ferguson said.

“That’s absolute nonsense. There was a good process. They’re a professional football club. They know what they’re doing, the Glazers, David Gill.

“José was going back to Chelsea, Carlo Ancelotti was going to Real Madrid, Jürgen Klopp had signed a contract with Dortmund, Louis van Gaal was staying with Holland for the World Cup.

“We’d like to have spoken to many managers, believe me, because that’s the process. We’d like to have asked them what they felt about leaving a big club to go to a bigger club.

“To come to Manchester United. But it wasn’t there for us. I think we did the best under the circumstances we were in.”