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Feeding Frenzy Racing to a Deadline

What madness, what a feeding frenzy the transfer deadline has become in the world of football and especially in the English Premier League.  Personally, I will never understand the last minute strategy being used to acquire players.  Sure

Some teams will sell at a lower price as they are desperate to unload a high priced player that no longer suits their needs and sure some teams hope to get top dollar for players because of the needs of contending teams to fill their requirements.  Still, the procrastination and last second dramatics seems all so unnecessary to me.

I’ll never fully understand why a team like Everton would even consider selling their best player at the last minute thus giving them selves no time to find a replacement?  It’s madness and above all, it’s a cold hard slap in the faces of their supporters and their team that such a thing would be tolerated.  Nevertheless, these practices have become the norm it seems these past few years as the last day before the transfer window closes has become a mad rush to success and study in madness.

So lets have a quick look at what has happened and what is happening with United and their top opponents.  Apologies to Stoke, Newcastle, QPR and other smaller club as what they do to strengthen their teams is of little interest to me because minnows buying minnows and rummaging in the garbage bins leaves me numb and disinterested.

 It’s certainly been a mad rush for Arsenal since their 8-2 thrashing by United.  No more excuses and patience from Wenger it seems and the board looks to have freed up money for some last second purchases which they hope will silence the crowd and bring back some confidence and ambition to this staggering lot of underachievers.

Per Mertesacker is a quality centre back who will help Arsenal as will the capture of Andre Santos.  It will take time for them to fit in and get used to the environment and system but they are class players.  Arsenal has also agreed to terms with yet another South Korean named Park.  This one is Chu-Young and he is no relation to our own Ji-Sung Park. Quite a gamble I think and one that I have serious reservations about.  And as I write this article, it looks like they may be getting close to nabbing Yossi Benayoun.  Well there you go, problem solved, the saviour is coming.  Gervinnho and Chamberlain were earlier transfers who could blossom for the Gunners but the club looks to be miles away from finishing in the top four unless they are successful at the last second of nabbing Michael Arteta from Everton.  That would be a coup for them and a big mistake.  It would also make our dreams of landing Jack Rodwell that much tougher in the future.

Chelsea look to have struck out in their grand ambition of prying Luka Modric from Spurs.  I have to say I am proud of Spurs for not knuckling under to their pressure and to the retarded and childish lack of class and honour shown by Modric as he obviously has no respect nor does he value the sanctity of a contract.  More teams need to do this to stop huge clubs from tapping up stars and seducing them and convincing them to demand transfers well before their contracts are up.  Still Chelsea have done little to improve themselves at the last minute.  Juan Mata is a class player but I have my doubts about Roman Lukaku.  He could be another Drogba or he could be another bust.  Of course Chelsea’s biggest signing was manager Andre Villas-Boas.  But as good as he may be, he is no Mourinho and I feel that Roman is hoping lighting strikes twice.

Liverpool have been busy unloading and buying of late.  Charlie Adam, Jordan Henderson, Stewart Downing, Luis Enrique and Alex Doni are all solid signings and it looks like Joe Cole has left for some French lass named Lille while the always dislikeable Craig Bellamy may be returning to Anfield at the last second.  Certainly Kenny Dalglish looks serious about rebuilding his club with a distinct UK feel.  I still think they are miles away from threatening United or City for the crown.

And what about Manchester City?  Our noisy neighbours have certainly been noisy of late grabbing high quality players like Nasri, Aguero and Clichy.  But they really shocked me by going after Owen Hargreaves.  It looks like he has passed their physical and is signing with them.  That is a coup but for us a great disappointment because Hargo should have been with United and now questions must be asked as to why he was let go if he was supposedly healthy and why was he not given a chance to prove he was fine during training camp?  I really feel United acted to rash and without proper information or judgment in letting him go.  He could end up biting us in the ass if he pans out with City.

 As for other teams in England making moves, there are too many to mention but Spurs look to be aggressive in finding some pieces to their puzzle most notable would be Scott Parker.  Looks like Peter Crouch like Robbie Keane before him is on the way out While Adebayour on a season loan from Real Madrid should help them considerably as will a secure Brad Friedel in goal.  Sunderland look to have improved their team by raiding United for defenders and now they look close to nabbing Nick Bendtner from Arsenal.  Good luck to Brucey as I always wish him well.

 And finally this brings me to United and their summer acquisitions as well as the big tuna that looks to have gotten away.  I am of course referring to Wesley Sneijder who unfortunately for himself, was too damned greedy and money hungry to let his demands slip below a king’s ransom in order for him to make the move to United.  Well that’s ok because our biggest signing this year is getting back Tom Cleverley from loan.  He will be the new Scholes and as long as he stays healthy he will help all of us forget what might have been had we signed Sneijder.

 The additions of the always-classy Ashley Young and the future captain of England, Mr. Phil Jones are already paying huge dividends and these two will be big stars for us.  As for David De Gea, well he is a bit of a project right now but the skill is there.  He needs time toi acclimate himself to the EPL and life in Northwest England as well as a few lessons on concentration and technical details which I feel will eventually lead to him being the best keeper in the Prem.

 United seem to have been silent on deadline day but that is fine because they took care of business months ago and never waited until the last minute to save their bacon.  As I said before, these last second dives into the transfer market seem like the panic button has been pressed by the buyer and the bank manager has put the boots to the seller. The seller always looks stupid because they give themselves zero time to replace a star leaving.  It’s madness and total betrayal to supporters of clubs doing the selling.  That is the nature of the modern game and I guess we all have to live with it.  As I finish this piece, there is around an hour to go before the deadline has passed.  I wonder if we still have a few major surprises in store for us all?