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Featured Video: Manchester United Reserves v Newcastle and Citeh

It’s the day after beating Roma, and boy doesn’t it feel nice. Today will see another pair of Champions’ League games with three other English teams on duty; Liverpool take on Arsenal and Chelsea play Fenerbahce.

The reaction from the media has been positive, although some have gone overboard in their praise. Paul Doyle in particular declares that Fergie has finally found the answer to winning European games away. Now I find such effusive over-the-top praise as a little unnecessary. Fergie got things right yesterday, the team played well. End of. But that does not necessarily mean that he’s found a cure for everything in the world. If unfair criticism can infuriate, over the top praise is on the other extreme end of the spectrum — and is no less annoying.

Trust the Guardian bloggers to barrack Fergie the next time he manages a tame away draw in Europe — these people excel in Orwellian doublespeak.

Anyway, today we take a break from all the frenzy the media is sure to kick up about the superiority of English football — and not for the first time — and we show you some video from reserve team action. Credit goes to a certain charleysurf, who uploaded a couple of recent clips from United’s reserve fixtures against Man City and Newcastle. I happened to find these videos while idly browsing past clips on Youtube. The videos are surprisingly clear, compared to the grainy ones you usually encounter on Youtube.

The teams feature a good mix of young future prospects, most prominently Danny Welbeck, Federico Macheda and Rodrigo Possebon (also with an interview of the young Brazilian) as well as old heads, like Gary Neville and Oh-I-almost-forgot-he’s-still-at-OT, Mikael Silvestre.

So without too much more talk, I’ll let you watch these videos and let you share your opinions in the comments.

Manchester United Reserves vs Man City Reserves

Manchester United Reserves vs Newcastle Reserves