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Featured Lookalike: Nani and…?

Summer times can be happy times for some, but not quite the same for the football fan. So here we have something to cheer you up just a bit. In this column we will feature lookalikes of Man United players. We can’t promise you about being regular with them, but we’ll keep them coming in as and when we find some good ones along the way.

While we hope this kind of thing will cheer you up, there is also the odd grouch we have to insure against so here is the mandatory disclaimer: We are not responsible if you don’t find this funny, and will be pleased if you liked them. So on that hypocritical note, let’s get on with it.

Today we have a look alike of Nani. Here’s the clue: He loves his crotch, he loves children and he is very famous! (The last one was a bad clue, but the first two are enough.) Picture after the jump… (A sorry for people reading this off feed readers)

And the lookalike is… *drum roll*


[Big thanks to our reader Kiran for the pic]

Who else but Michael Jackson.

I told you he loves kids, didn’t I? 🙂

Anger to be directed in the comments please.

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