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Fear factor will return to Old Trafford this season

rp_image2-350x242.jpgThe World Cup has been brilliant, with many fans sharing their belief that it has been the best tournament that they can remember. I agree, but with all the hype of the World Cup in full flow, I can’t help but feel more excited for the coming season than I have done about any previous tournament or Premier League campaign. The feeling of football returning to Old Trafford is something that will always remain unparalleled.

It’s two days until the Manchester United obsession can begin again, and whilst Louis has a few days off with his family, United are moving. The £750M kit deal with Adidas has been officially announced, and it is clear that we remain active in the transfer market; You only have to type #Vidal in to Twitter for reports to suggest that a deal for the Chilean maestro is imminent.

I say “obsession” purposefully, as it isn’t just United fans that are obsessed with everything that encompasses the heart of the club. The fact that United are showing signs of rekindling their dominance scares rival fans in to chastising transfer activity which only upholds the motto “Hated, adored but never ignored.”

Rival fans will always criticise, but the facts suggest that United are definitely going through something of a reawakening. With season tickets selling out, a world record kit deal being signed and transfer targets being of a world class variety, everything points to a Manchester United resurgence and nothing could excite us more.

I think it’s safe to say that the one-year ‘David Moyes experiment’ was a resounding failure, and something that we have thankfully moved on from very quickly. Just as Giggs said in his speech at the end of the season, United are a club that “never stands still” and are “always on the move”, and thank goodness that is the case.

Moving on from disappointment is something that the club has always done very well, and I absolutely believe that next season will be a prime example of that.

None of us can be too sure about what the expectations are for next season, but I think we need to be looking at top four and a successful cup run as an absolute minimum. What I do know is that the fear factor is returning to Old Trafford, so expect the atmosphere to be something of a cauldron next year.

No more sarcastic banners in the away end, no more seventh place finishes and no more meagre football: The Manchester United revolution is about to begin.

Daniel Mayer Hicklin (@MAYERMUFC)