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Farewell Gerard, Selfish Rooney, EVDS to Play Till 40?

Welcome back. We’re officially done with the 07/08 season and we’ll tread no man’s land for the next couple of months.

Thankfully, the Euros will provide for some distraction from the ennui that will surely descend on the summer. People will die — not from the heat, but from frantically refreshing news websites looking for the latest breaking news on transfers.

One of the primary culprits responsible for causing such excitement and expectation is the Mirror, who proudly claim that Manchester United want to spend £50m in 14 days. I think the nice gentlemen at the Mirror even know which player they plan to buy and for how much because they already seem to know so much about United’s transfer strategy, perhaps even before United knew anything of it. [Predictive journalism?]

Anyway, let this piece of news not distract us from something that actually happened: Gerard Pique moves to Barcelona. For £5m which, I think, is good business. I was impressed by the lad despite his being suspect on aerial balls. He was up against the best defensive partnership in Europe. So it’s not his fault really. Anyway, good luck to him at his home club.

Update: Pique’s even written an open letter to the fans. Nice touch, I thought.

In related news, Jonny Evans could be courted by Roy Keane to have him over for another season on loan. I think it’s a good idea to farm him out to Sunderland for a further six months. It would not be smart of the boss to sell even Evans now that we’ve sold Pique. We do have Silly and Brown who can deputise at centre back. But six months is not a bad idea, just to be safe.

The Sun quotes EVDS as saying he’ll play beyond 40, although he doesn’t say it himself in the quote. True to type from the solar tabloid, one would think.

Fabio Capello plans to play Rooney in a more familiar role of shadow striker. He advises Rooney to be more selfish — I can’t disagree.

Yes, United have threatened to report Real to FIFA. But I think it’s going to take a lot more than threats to tame a thick skinned beast like the Los Merengues. And rumours still refuse to die away. Sample this from the Mirror — whose praises have already been sung above — who reckon Fergie will fly over to Geneva (where the Portuguese players are currently training) to have face-to-face talks with Ronaldo in a bid to keep him at the club. They have even made the report sound perfectly credible with a wonderfully thought out title: Rondezvous. God bless the editor.

And we shall end this today with another one of Carrick’s words of wisdom: “Munich Inspired our Win.”

Indeed, hold on to that thought for today.

‘Tis all for the day. I’m off for now. Be good.