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Fabregas is staying at Barcelona

Fabregas Press ConferenceCesc Fabregas has once-and-for-all put his fabulated transfer rumour to bed by committing his future to his beloved Barcelona.

The news will not come as a surprise to United or their fans who, during the last week-or-two, have gradually realised the arrival of Fabregas was merely a pipe dream.

The question now is, why did United even bid for the player in the first place?

During the pursuit of Fabregas it was widely presumed the player (or agent) had given United enough encouragement to warrant a move for him hence United making bids of £25m and £30 in fairly quick succession.

United seemed confident, Ed Woodward even returned home from the Summer Tour to ‘attend to urgent transfer business’ which was believed to be connected to the Fabregas deal. In hindsight….what the hell was that business?

In a press conference today, Fabregas said “It has always been my dream to play for Barcelona and that has not changed. I am very happy with life at the club and I have never thought about leaving Barca,”. The 26-year-old went on to say “I never had any doubts about my future here. It cost me a lot to return to Barca and all I want now is to be successful here.”

So why did United bid for a player whose position at his club was strengthened just days before with the departure of Thiago Alcantara?

Why were United so confident they could prise Fabregas away from his boyhood club?

It’s impossible to know the answers to those questions, only a select few will know for sure and I’m 100% confident none of those select few will interact on RedRants so we’re left to surmise.

There are many, in fact far too many, fans lining up to take a dig at United during this transition. Unfortunately it appears the majority of those fans actually call themselves United fans. Criticism from opposing fans would be easy to swallow, the constant barrage of criticism coming from our own though is tough to accept.

It is however hard to make a case for United when they make such significant errors of judgement like they have with this Fabregas deal.

With 22 days still remaining in the window there’s still plenty of time for United to strengthen, who arrives is yet to be confirmed, but whoever it is they’re after, I hope they handle their business far better than they have done with this one.

Come on United, we’re better than this.

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