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‘Fabio will be one of the greatest left backs for Manchester United’

I was a bit disappointed to see Fabio da Silva sent off against Wolves in midweek. The Carling Cup has been a platform for our young players to show their mettle and prove themselves. So I was really keen to see them line up against Wolves and put on a performance. So, being reduced to 10 men wasn’t going to help them prove their worth — was a shame Macheda had to be sacrificed as a result, but I digress.

Patrice Evra expressed his sympathy for Fabio and praised him:

“It was painful for him, and it touched my heart. I went down to speak to him in the dressing room at half-time and then again at full-time, just to say, ‘It’s ok, these things happen, just carry on and look forward.’

“I love Fabio, he’s a great left-back and I think a lot of people need to trust in him. I have trust in him and I think he can be one of the best left-backs Manchester United has ever had.”

Fabio was given a standing ovation following his red card. Paul Doyle who did the minute-by-minute on the Guardian, for that match said it was disgraceful to be cheering a red carded player; which was something, considering the context of the the foul, ridiculous. If anything that desperate foul from Fabio was about the most hilarious red cards you would actually see. And it surprises me that Paul Doyle would make such a big deal out of it. What does he expect from us; boo a promising 19 year old left back? Yeh, right!

Preview will be up in a few hours. Stay tuned…

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