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FA Umbro Fives – England Tickets, Wembley Final and Michael Owen

Fancy playing a 5-a-side game at Wembley?

That’s the chance on offer at the FA Umbro Fives – the national 5-a-side competition organised in September (and October) by the FA. The final will be played at Wembley, with participating teams going through the same experience as teams playing a real cup final (or a semi-final, or a Community Shield, or a rock concert … you get the drift) and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to score / win a title at Wembley.

Hey, it might just be 5-a-side, but it’s a lot more than amateur footballers get a shot at. And when it comes to scoring / winning, that applies for professional footballers too!

Anyway, the website has all the details on how to sign up, plus highlights from previous finals, tips on 5-a-side football from Umbro. You also have the chance to win TEN tickets to an England match throug the FA Umbro Fives’ Facebook page, so check that out too.

Here’s the tournament preview trailer:

As a United fan, I smiled a bit at Michael Owen’s expression – we’ve seen it before when he gets a chance to sit on the bench at Old Trafford, haven’t we?