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FA shafts Ferguson

£20,000 fine. Four match ban. Two of them being suspended ones.

Also, he has to give up his car, and his house for a year. Go to an island, and survive for a month along with other famous British celebrities. He is banned from drinking wine for the rest of his life. And will have to listen to Alan Shearer’s rendition of Baa Baa Black Sheep for five hours. Daily.

Ok, I made the second paragraph up. But the first one is real. Here, have a look. Offered without further comment.



  1. unitedrant

    12 November 2009 at 18:10

    This is an unsurprising but disgraceful decision. It’s the first time that the FA has ever banned a manager for comments in the media. Shafted is the right word. Yet another precedent set by the FA in handing down punishments to United. Judge, jury, executioner. Incompetent twats.

  2. [OPTI]Madschester United

    12 November 2009 at 18:31

    Judging from here, Mike Dean is our “best’ ref and Phil Dowd our “worst”.

  3. Grognard

    12 November 2009 at 18:34

    Even though I disagree with the decision because Fergie was right about Wiley, I have to say that Fergie got what he deserved. The man is nearing 70 and has accumulated wisdom and experience well beyond his years. Therefore, he should have known better than that. He isn’t hurting Wiley or the FA with his rants, just his team.

    What he hopes to gain from flying off the handle every time a referee screws up is beyond me? Referees are incompetent muppet bastards, we all know this. So is it necessary to get yourself banned from games just so that you tell all of us through the media the obvious? Managers always talk about players letting down the team with their on field or off field antics. Well nobody has let the team down more today than Fergie himself. By not having the discipline and control he so demands from his players, his team will now play rudderless for two games. It’s time the Boss woke up and stopped acting like an intimidating demigod towards officials because in the end, they always end up scraping him off their boots. Poor Fergie. 🙄

  4. Cyclops-Red

    12 November 2009 at 20:51

    Yet another dysfunctional and inappropriate decision by the the muppets that run English football. I hope that they will treat evey other manager the same from now but I very much doubt it.
    The Abu nation has scored a vitriolic victory.

  5. Elliott

    12 November 2009 at 20:57

    I think an alternative needs to be developed for players and coaches to voice their dissent with refereeing and for improvements to be made. The last World Cup a 3-yellow cards-for-1 player was England’s reffing contribution – that is the true disgrace.

  6. Red Ranter

    12 November 2009 at 21:10

    @Elliott: Ironically, said referee — ie, Graham Poll — has carved out a successful career, voicing opinions on referee performances every week.

  7. jpg

    12 November 2009 at 21:20

    Thank god this ridiculous episode is over with! The punishment will not be enough for every non-utd supporting wanker though – the Mirror ain’t happy surprise, surprise.
    Although I’d prefer Fergie to keep his trap shut, what he said about Wily certainly didnt warrant the backlash in the media or the actual punishment.
    Well Fergie needs to control himself more now because (not being paranoid) I think the media are just waiting for him to mess up again and he may have just lost his fear factor over the officals with this business too.

  8. Cyclops-Red

    12 November 2009 at 21:26

    @Grognard: I remember you saying after the Wiley incident that we were in danger of not receiving 50/50 decisions. How true 🙂 😈

  9. Grognard

    12 November 2009 at 23:20

    @Cyclops-Red: Referees are human too I hear. They hold a grudge just like everyone else. Fergie was a total pratt to challenge them in that way. If he has a problem with decisions made in the game, he needs to contact the FA after a game and lodge a complaint. Bitching to the media about them is just stupid. As if we all never knew that he was heading for a ban. What he stood to gain from this is beyond me. It does nothing in regards to motivating his team to play better. And it does sweet fuck all in terms of getting referees to give him more respect and the team the benefit of the doubt on calls. In fact it does the exact opposite. For such a smart and experienced manager, he does often suffer from Hoof in Mouth Disease. 😀

  10. Footy4Eddy

    12 November 2009 at 23:40

    Guys, my next video isnt gonna be a FIFA video. Its gonna be a football video, but its gonna be of myself in real life. Im gonna show the world how to do the Ronaldo-type free-kick shot. :mrgreen: Ive been practising for a long while now, and today I managed to hit 6 in a row of that type right in the top corner from about 25 yards. With a swerve you have only seen Ronaldo and Juninho do before! Gonna make it on Saturday, may be up during the next week. Stay tuned… 😎

  11. Red Ranter

    12 November 2009 at 23:43

    @Footy4Eddy: Make sure you have a wall in place before you do it.

  12. Footy4Eddy

    12 November 2009 at 23:50

    @Red Ranter: Im not talking about the “usual” Ronaldo type free-kick, I mean his extraordinary ones. Those who fly into the top corner with a swerve and dip. 😎 Im not gonna manage to have a wall in place, as there aint lots of people willing to stay in the way of my shot. Its gonna be a tutorial as well, so its gonna be vital for viewers to see the whole movement of the ball. If I have a wall they may not see the whole swerve from side to side… 😐

  13. Red Ranter

    12 November 2009 at 23:54

    @Footy4Eddy: Well you still need the wall to ensure you have the elevation to get over the wall, no?

  14. Footy4Eddy

    13 November 2009 at 00:06

    @Red Ranter: I think you are gonna notice it when you see the ball reach a height which is over the crossbar after just 7 yards of the kick, then see it dip right under the crossbar just 0,0000000001 seconds before it reaches the target. Ive worked a lot on this, and Ive scored a few with a wall. I may not hit the top corner of the net so often, but most of the time I hit the target with a swerve and dip which gives the goalkeeper panic and forces him to make an error. Whether he miscalculates his position for the shot because of the swerve, doesnt have time to get his hands up because of the dip or because it is so hard and swerving he has to punch it straight out to the attackers waiting for a rebound, it doesnt matter because most of the time it becomes dangerous. When I do hit the top corner, its the most beautiful goals I can ever score. But when I dont, well, it still looks good. 😎

    In the words of my teams goalkeeper, when I hit the ball right its impossible to save. Whether its in the top corner, in the middle or just in between those areas, it doesnt matter because it moves so much in the air at such a high speed its just plain impossible to save it. 🙂 So dont think Im gonna need a wall, you will notice the movement/dipping in the air when the shot is taken, and most of them will go over a 1,85 m persons head.

  15. Footy4Eddy

    13 November 2009 at 00:14

    @Red Ranter: Ive practised on this type of shot ever since May, when I ended my exams. First it was shite, I either didnt get the elevation right, the dip at the right time or I couldnt get the power right. Well, Ive got incredible power in my feet right now, and after a while I managed to get the swerve right. But then the ball would always just swerve just wide of the target. Took me a while to get the accuracy going right, managed to get that right in early August. Now I have gotten more power in my feet, Ive got more experience from taking these shots in games and I have practised for a long time. Could have made it earlier, but I havent had too much time on my hands to make a vid of it. Saturday Im free, so then I will make it. Probably gonna be about 10-15 shots in the video, from different angles, distances and trying to hit both corners of the net, which some may find difficult. But Im ready for it! 😀

  16. spizzy

    13 November 2009 at 08:12

    @Footy4Eddy: Can’t wait to see it. Its going to be something to look forward to, it’s better than watching my country loose again in their bid to make it to the world cup.

  17. spizzy

    13 November 2009 at 08:14

    I have been away from this blog for the last two weeks, I had a massive software project I needed to complete, hopefully no bugs come up requiring another long hiatus on my part.

  18. spizzy

    13 November 2009 at 08:20

    Well about fergie, we all knew he was going to get his, I have started seeing a systematic gradual descrimination campaign against united, it happened soon after he made those comments, it was clear as we played pool an was clear as we played chelsea. Grog say’s we are not getting the 50/50 decisions, I believe we are not getting the 70/30 decisions. The only way united are getting a decision these days is if it’s 100% clear that we deserve it. But I guess what goes around comes around, over the years I have seen united get very many favors from the refs. But commendation to the team on sundays performance. It could just be the the spark defeat they need to come out and take the campaign up another level like they did when the lost to le arse last year.

  19. Onkar

    13 November 2009 at 08:59

    @spizzy: Yeah… I was about to ask you where were you last few days…. Anyway, nice to see you back… You are one of very few who have been here when normally I am on the blog…. Hope you won’t get too much work too soon……

  20. Onkar

    13 November 2009 at 09:05

    @spizzy: I agree as far as the United getting decision over the year… BUt bro that is not for real.. That is a half truth in my mind.. The full truth is normally all the big 4 get the 50-50 decision in there favor specially at home. So I don’t think we got anything over the top at least compared to Big 4. This is the picture which has been created by ABU media for which lot of people fall for.
    But yeah now days it has become difficult for United to get decision which are not 100% in there favor. I think referees are giving some kind of pay back to SAF. They are trying to make the example of it to others managers.
    Sad but looks true that some sort of mental revenge is going on…..

  21. spizzy

    13 November 2009 at 09:16

    And we thought we rant…
    ‘Dear Players of Grimsby Town FC

    ‘I am writing with regard to my absolute astonishment and disbelief as to the sheer magnitude of your complete lack of talent and failure to carry out the job for which you are paid to do. I am not aware of any swear word or other derogatory phrase in my current vocabulary which comes close to a description of your ‘performance’ (and I use that term loosely) this afternoon, but let me just say that you have collectively reached a level of inadequacy and ineptitude that neither I nor modern science had previously considered possible.

    ‘In fact I recall a time, in my youth, when I decided to call in sick at work and instead spent the entire day in my one bedroom flat wearing nothing but my underpants, eating toast and w***ing furiously over second-rate Scandinavian porn. Yet somehow, I still managed to contribute more to my employer in that one Andrex-filled day than you complete bunch of toss-baskets have contributed to this club in your entire time here.

    Edit: To avoid redundancy, rest of the letter can be read here

  22. spizzy

    13 November 2009 at 09:31

    @Onkar: Feels good to be back 😀 , but you never know with programming when stuff will crop up.
    Fair enough about getting most decisions, but I don’t recall things getting this bad whenever we played other big four teams before. We certainly get favors at OT but that’s mainly against minnow teams, but rarely against big four teams. I watched the liverpool vs chelsea game and it was quite fair. The ref was barely visible, but whenever there’s a united game the ref is almost always at the center of a controversy. The foul that led to the goal was never supposed to be called, when ass-ley hole injured terry, the ref let play proceed because chelsea had the ball, but when we got it back and were setup for a counter he promptly whistled for the foul. There just too many decisions that are one sided I’m wondering if the FA is just playing dumb and blind. I mean shouldn’t the fucking ref be made to come out and apologize for giving a wrongful decision that leads to a goal ❓ ❓ He must have watched the replays.

  23. Onkar

    13 November 2009 at 10:02

    @spizzy: Wow… What a way to put things forward… Awesome… We are definitely not that bad… Are we????

  24. spizzy

    13 November 2009 at 10:05

    @Onkar: That guy makes grog look like dan 😆 😆 😆

  25. Onkar

    13 November 2009 at 10:17

    @spizzy: I agree in totality about the chelsea game. i think thats why we shopuld take this up to the courts of Arbitration if possible for settlement. I mean you can’t get so many decisions wrong and consistently against one team…
    And if you ask me if there is nothing fishy then we should make it.. By using what ever video evidences that we can… If they are at war and then be it lets take it head on…..
    I know I am bit toooooooo emotional but be it… I want to finish it either at there cost so that they will think twice before doing any stupidity or at our cost which FA would never be able to afford because BPL- Man UTD = Trash…. 😀 😆 😆

  26. Onkar

    13 November 2009 at 10:20

    @spizzy: 😆 😆 😆
    Yeah… I think Grogy should take lessons from this guy in ……
    How to kick footballers ASS…..
    After the training when next time he will come up I am sure Foster, Ando will be kicked all over the park by him… 😀 😆 😆

  27. spizzy

    13 November 2009 at 10:54

    @Onkar: I’m reading it may not even be final, they are considering taking him to court. It seems to me they have come out fighting, I think we should take them on, we are the richest franchise in the world and there is a lot of proof that what fergie said was true, I mean the ref was certainly not fit that day, we have lot’s and lot’s of video evidence to backup our arguments. Like wenger did when fifa threatened to ban eduardo, we should do the same and sue the F.A.
    I’m however ill-informed when it comes to the football structure in Britain, is their a higher body than the FA? But all in all it’s clear the FA are spoiling for a fight and they have their clubs and swords out ready to engage, united should get their lawyers ready and make them earn their keep.

  28. Onkar

    13 November 2009 at 11:21

    @spizzy: Thats exactly what I want United to do… Just do the way Wenger did. Go to right authority, fight in proper manner. Use technology evidences to the Fullest and before FA make an example of Fergie make example of FA and give the loud message out that you deal fair and we will be fair as well or else.. 😈 😈 😈 👿 👿 👿

  29. Onkar

    13 November 2009 at 11:23

    @spizzy: I don’t know how, actually I don’t know the procedure as well but all I know is one thing that this SICK game which is currently going on and which is costing us lot of point should stop somewhere….. This is really getting Shittier than even our neighbors…. They should try and do something once it for all…….

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