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FA Double Standards Come to the fore… again

This harks back to the Evra-Bethell scuffle at Stamford Bridge. The video evidence provided were scarcely convincing. Evra gets a four match ban slapped on him, more because there was contradiction in witness statements than actual incontrovertible evidence. And an FA official might have as well put his arms around Sam Bethell and gone for a pint or two telling him to stay away from such ‘minor’ scuffles in future.

Now the FA have rescinded Lampard’s red card — rightly so — but have not found video evidence of Jose Bosingwa planting his studs on Benayoun’s back convincing enough to warrant a red card or suspension. If a post game scuffle with a non-playing staff member, with dodgy proof can cost a player 4 games, then surely there’s got to be some price to be paid for an on-game offence involving an act that couldn’t be described unintentional even in hell? Especially when said offender admitted what he did was wrong (despite the nonsensical “my intention was not to hurt him” claim)

“I apologise for what I did and it was never my intention to hurt him”

And especially after even his manager admitted, whilst arguing Lampard’s case, that Bosingwa, perhaps, may have deserved a card for it.

“What Bosingwa did was not correct, he made a mistake. But if he is punished when the FA look at the video, maybe they will change the decision over Lampard.”

This nonsense that if the referee had seen the incident it prevents the FA from taking action is another instance of rules which expose gaping holes in the system. So, I suppose, when a person kills someone under the watchful eyes of a policeman and he takes no action, then the hands of the justice system is tied. Oh, the world would be a much better place to live in then eh?

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