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Manchester United

Excuse The Negativity.

rp_669062996_bb455f5455.jpgI’m not normally one to moan. Okay, maybe just a little bit. But when news filtered through last night that Mr Wayne Rooney had been announced club captain, my stomach sank, and all the pre-season excitement vanished.

What have we done?

In Wayne Rooney, Manchester United possesses one of the great players in the Premier League, but they also possess one of the most disruptive the club has ever had on it’s books.

Yet we seem to have fallen into this trap of giving him whatever he wants, when he wants it. What is it about him? His talent speaks for itself, but he’s not the be all and end all.

Where was the passion to hold onto Cristiano Ronaldo? A player who lit Old Trafford up and has become one of football’s greatest ever. Where was his crazy pay packet? Where was his captaincy armband to keep him sweet?

I have always, and will always, commend Wayne Rooney’s ability, his fight, his desire, but I will never commend the way he has behaved off the field, the way he treated this great club. Once is perhaps allowed, twice is unforgivable.

From that second occasion, he should have been kept at arms length as a symbol that he’s not bigger than the football club. Instead, he’s been given the ultimate bear hug from the club.

People will say LvG knows what he is doing, that he can control him. Let’s not forget that that was something even the great Sir Alex Ferguson couldn’t do, and rest assured, if he was still at the club, Mr Rooney wouldn’t be.

I finish this rather negative article with a genuine good luck wish to Wayne in his new role for the team, it’s time for him to make up for what he has done and determine whether the status of club legend or selfish leader will be attached to his name come the time he hangs up his boots.

I stand to be corrected on this one and I truly hope I am.