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Everton vs Reds: Appalling But Three Points

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Update: Report will be in later on. Nothing to write about in all honesty though. We were utter crap but Vida bailed us out.

Even the official site confirms that Rooney will be in the squad. Personally I am apprehensive about playing Rooney so soon even if it is for ten minutes. I can’t believe SAF would take such a gamble, given his stance during the world cup last year. Granted, he’s not the sort to take risks on his top men – which would mean that Rooney has shown superhuman healing abilities (Claire Bennet, of Heroes fame, style 🙂 )

But there is a chance that he is playing Rooney more out of desperation, in case we are faced with a dire situation.

Oh well, we’ll have to trust Fergie’s judgment on this one. Bring ’em on! What do you reckon will be the formation?

We’ll try bringing you updates, but we can’t promise as in all likelihood we’ll be too busy watching the game. While you are waiting for the game you might head over and vote for Red Rants too. Or discuss away in the comments.