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Everton v Man Utd: Preview

Early kick off it is today, which means an early morning game for me. But more interesting things have happened over the past few days in the lead up to this game — well considering there hasn’t been any updates on this site lately, there has been enough happening that deserved a mention.

So let’s touch a bit on some of the more prominent stories before we dive in to the preview.

Ramon Calderon, known fondly in Manchester as Mr. Prick Two-Face, spoke to 5-Live on Madrid ending their interest in Ronaldo:

“Manchester didn’t want to sell over the last three or four months but we don’t want to get into trouble with them as they are one of the biggest clubs in the world”

I have a lot to say about my opinions on Ronaldo at the moment but I think I’ll devote a separate piece for it, to be posted sometime this week. But I can say what I think of Ramon Calderon and Real Madrid right now — they are a bag of dog-shite mixed with crow piss, and, like any mixture of dog shite and crow piss, the stench would only get worse with time, as it decomposes into something monstrously worse. My point is, they’ll keep coming at you — so I wouldn’t read anything into his comments to BBC. Fuck him and his cohorts, would be a pithy way to put it.

In non-United related news, I would advise people against watching Saw V because I haven’t seen a more predictable pile of crap masquerading as a thriller — not to mention it being hyped beyond reason about its ending — than this one. But then again, what was I expecting anyway ; since Saw, the series has only seen a downward spiral.

Anyway, I don’t know why I was talking about Saw V in a United blog. So don’t ask me.

Fergie also took some time to debunk rumours about Hargreaves that, to me, has reached ridiculous levels. True, Hargreaves hasn’t done much since his protracted arrival — although we have seen glimpses of how good he could be if he had a decent run in the side. But selling a player bought for close to 20 million quid when he has clear ability only a season into his time at the club, reeks of silliness. I can’t say more.

Carlos Tevez — I feel for the guy — has been optimistic as the official site gives us teasers to his interview to MUTV — where he says he’s happy to fight for his place. I think Fergie has been unfair in the way he’s handled Tevez this season. To me he was clearly the best player in pre-season, looking the most lively of a then disjointed team. With a well rested summer he looked hungry. Given a longer run he will be more important to us, however, the blossoming partnership between Rooney and Berbatov is looking exceedingly juicy for Fergie to even consider Tevez’s name on the starting XI. Today, with a tricky trip to Goodison Park awaiting, and with Rooney’s desire to notch goal number 100, it looks like another day will pass with Tevez warming the bench.

What disappoints me — the disappointment is more surprise and wonderment than anything — is the willingness shown by some sections of fans in not shedding a tear if Tevez was to be moved on. And more often than not, a big chunk of those were screaming themselves hoarse asking Ronaldo to show loyalty to the club. Personally, I consider loyalty to be a two way street, and if the player has quality and desire to stay at the club, I see very little reason for people to be eager to move him on. Tevez isn’t short on desire, and he wants to stay. A no brainer for me, if the price is not insanely high in times of the credit crunch.

Onto the small matter of a game today, Everton have been generally shite this season although there is a good chance of them fighting tooth and nail against us. Honestly, if we shake off some of our off-day lethargy moments, and give a fuck about the game for more than an hour we should be able to do the business. Of course, the weekend also gives us the added incentive of moving closer to one (if not both) of the top two teams, as the Red sack of shite from Merseyside play the Blue sack of shite from London in a mammoth game of shit-flinging proportions — which is what the folks at Sky would let you believe with them using a pleasant word instead of ‘shit.’

In team news, Rooney and Berbatov will start, with Tevez spending another game on the bench. Ronaldo will continue to ask Fergie to play him — fit or not, which concerns me slightly if a player can talk a manager into picking him. Nani should hope for a run in the side considering his good performance in midweek, O’Shea would get another run in left back with Rio, Vidic and Neville for company. (Heaven help Brown.) Fletcher and Giggs would play in the middle, it would appear.

Prediction: 2-0 to United.