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Euro 2008 and Unsubstantiated Transfer Rumours

Since a lot of readers have requested more focus on the Euros I’ll add a few lines of comment on the ongoing championships myself. However, thanks to the tournament clashing with my work timings, I wouldn’t be able to comment on a large chunk of the group stages. That shouldn’t stop you from adding your thoughts on the tournament, so feel free.

I’ll make sure that there is always a Manchester United slant in the coverage of the Euros — whether it is about our players’ involvement or about possible transfer targets.

Yesterday saw Czech Republic take on and beat hosts Switzerland [although fortuitously, one would say]. I really wasn’t too impressed with the quality of footy on offer and went to sleep midway. The Portugal-Turkey game, on the other hand was better. However it was a little uneasy to watch and I was really conflicted. Ronaldo was certainly the pick of the lot in the first half and with some luck he might have scored off a free kick. He was involved in the first goal, although credit must be given to Pepe and Nuno Gomes for a beautiful one-two. The second goal however, was straight off the Manchester United copybook; Ronaldo breaks free on the left, supplies Moutinho who lays the ball to Raul to slot it home.

Portugal seem heavily reliant on Ronaldo to provide the spark, but if Deco steps up his game they will certainly go up a notch.

The rest of this post will concentrate on reports made out of wet dreams of journalists.

First one is a Saha-Santa Cruz swap deal. Now this is plausible, but there aren’t many quotes to back it up. So we can only wait and hope to hear something concrete before commenting on this.

Sunday Mirror carries a story that is laughable at best. According to that, United will suspend Ronaldo without pay if he goes on strike. Predictably, “unnamed sources” have made some quotes. One word: bollocks, should sum it up nicely.

Neville says Ronaldo should stay. Ok, this is not rubbish, it’s true Neville said it, I think, for ITV. But we all say this too; we know United is the best club for Ronaldo. But there really is no point debating this now since we can’t expect much headway made till the Euro gets over.

Just when you thought he had become the forgotten man, he comes back to the news. The Times reports that United are interested in Dimitar Berbatov. But the lack of quotes or anything worth talking about in the article make it pointless really.

And the Fantasy League for Euro 2008 is going strong as yours’ truly is currently in third place. How are you lot doing? And if you haven’t joined then do join by clicking here and signing up [group code: 98380-18218] — it’s never too late.