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Episode 32 – CanTheyScore – Man Utd Podcast (including our own @JonyB007)

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Welcome to the thirty second Can They Score podcast. During this week’s episode, Tom, Jon, Paul and I look back at our devastating Derby defeat against Manchester City; including in-depth discussion into Sir Alex’s selection, Ji Sung Park’s deterioration and Ryan Giggs’ legacy. To finish, we consider our remaining title hopes before previewing both Swansea’s trip to Old Trafford and City’s trip to St James Park.

Questions Discussed Include: How stupid does Sir Alex think the fans are if he expects us to believe that we weren’t set up to take a draw? At what point does Giggs begin to tarnish his legacy with his constant poor performances? When was the last time that Park did what (Sir Alex thinks) Park does best? Should we retain any hope in the title race? Featuring Tom’s Turning Point & Pattison’s Player Profile

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