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Episode 29 – CanTheyScore – Man Utd Podcast

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Welcome to the twenty-ninth Can They Score Manchester United podcast. After a sunny week, this pod sees Tom, James, Jonas and I look back at our surprisingly difficult victory against the Cottagers, interview Blackburn Rover blogger, Mikey Delap, before previewing the match in full and finishing off with a few of your questions. This pod is the last one in a fortnight as Tom and I go on our respective travels before returning to review the Villa match in a fortnight’s time.

Questions Discussed Include: If there was any one player from United’s history who you could bring back to help us during the run in, who would it be and why? In the long term, how beneficial could the injury to Lindegaard be to Manchester United? What truly makes a great footballing team? Looking back, what do you think went wrong at OT against Blackburn and what do you expect United to do differently? What reception will Phil Jones get at Ewood Park?

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