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Episode 26 – CanTheyScore – Man Utd Podcast

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Welcome to the twenty- sixth Can They Score Manchester United podcast. After an awesome week, this pod sees Miguel, Tom, Steven and I look back at our surprising 3-0 victory at White Hart Lane, look ahead to our trip against Atheltic Bilibao, including an interview with David Jaca, and preview our domestic PL match against West Brom, on Sunday.

Questions Discussed Include: Phil Jones and the RB conundrum – does he deserve to be playing there? Ashley Young- Following a poor run between injuries in the winter, what did you make of his performance and, more generally, his impact in his first season? Wayne Roone y- Having scored his 18th PL goal of the season (28% of our goals) against Spurs, just how important is he to United’s title ambitions? Iker Munian is a player the casual English, Spanish football follower hears a lot about; could you just describe him, his position and his progression? Obviously DDG has been under the spot light this season but one player who hasn’t been is Ben Foster, how do you think he has done since he left United?

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