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Manchester United

Embarrassing United fall woefully short of minimum expectations

Fucking shambles, nothing more nothing less. As of 11pm: Fellaini unconfirmed, Herrera fell through, Mata to PSG therefore possibly not a single player brought in.

I’ve tried to back the club all summer while others suggest there’s no money and no intention to buy anyone. Even as the incompetent clowns behind the scenes find original ways to make a mess of every single thing they do (bar finding new sponsors) I’ve been confident they would get it right eventually.

“Be patient” I said, “we will sign quality players” I said. None of that has happened and we’re now at the farcical end of a farcical summer.

I tell you what though, the players and staff we have better step up and improve and that’s from the top to the bottom because it’s going to take one almighty effort to even challenge for the title with what we have – compared to what others have invested in.

I also remember saying only one week ago to “keep your powder dry until after the window closes before make your judgements”…..looks like it’s over to you because the club have left me with absolutely no leg to stand on to support them.

Tuck in boys, the next few days are going to be a fucking castigation of unrivalled proportions.