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Edwin’s Dutch Delight, King Cantona and The Ronaldo Daily

Let me first say that I’ve always loved watching Cantona speak. So, yesterday, I was watching his interview to the BBC and, true to type, he didn’t disappoint. [Those who’ve missed it, you can still watch it here.] He’s been a showman [and now literally, because of his involvement in films], but when he speaks of United you still see the glint in his eyes. You know how much he cares for the club.

Whilst his opinion on Ronaldo wasn’t new — that he wanted him to stay although United could do well even without him — what was revealing was when he let slip that he would like to manage United some day. “Management is like an art” is what he had to say. Of course, one mustn’t get too carried away by this because he said he’ll take up management only when he loses passion for what he’s currently doing — which, of course, is why he retired in the first place.

His shadow over United’s history is considerable, but if he has aspirations to manage United some day, he’ll have to earn it. Just like how Keane and Sparky are having to prove themselves.

United have reported Real Madrid to FIFA. Sepp Blatter, I suspect, would use the blank side of the sheet — that contains said complaint — to scribble out how much he owes Platini, as they play a game of poker with Calderon for company.

Deco, meanwhile, says Cristiano is calm and unfazed by the ‘circus’ around him. Indeed. Why would he be worried, in the first place? A bumper contract would either way be round the corner.

And since it’s my responsibility to report as much United news as I can, I’ll give you one more link to read on the Ronaldo soap opera; literally because it’s about his family involvement. Read it for your own pleasure.

Moving on to footballers who are almost incomparable in their loyalty and attitude toward the game, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will be at the ticket booth helping staff sell tickets for his testimonial game against Espanyol. So if you are a season ticket holder you could very well be served at the counter by none other than 2OLegend himself. For details click here.

According to his advisers, Mr Crock intends to stay on at United. You see, despite what people might say or think, very few players really want to leave Manchester United. It’s sad that some players think they’ll be better off at Real Madrid.

Then there’s an article that’s a mixture of conjecture and journalistic instinct (which again, is another word for conjecture) which says that Arsenal are favourites to land Aaron Ramsey. Funny, considering United were proclaimed favourites to sign him when he went to OT to have a word with the manager, and now Arsenal emerge favourites because the kid had lunch with Arsene. I think I’d rather wait for the transfer to go through before making any assumptions. Both are equally plausible destinations.

Update: Arsenal are said to have signed Ramsey, according to the BBC.

Moving to the Euros, I won’t get drawn into the snooze fest that the France-Romania game was. I’ve heard singularly pathetic reviews of the game, and having missed it there’s no point for me to go into this. Also Eric Abidal was preferred to Evra [seriously though, does no one rate good performances in the Premiership anymore?] shocking, considering Abidal had a stinker of a season for Barca.

I happened to watch parts of the Holland-Italy game though, and I must say it’s been the most entertaining matches of the tournament so far. I don’t know about you, but I was delighted to see the Italians outplayed at their own game. Edwin van der Sar had an outstanding game making a few big saves. I feel happy for him. The Dutch seem a bit vulnerable at the back which is why I am not entirely sold on them, despite having an attack (and midfield) to die for.

Right. That’s all for the day. Euro opinions, transfer rumours, fantasy league predictions welcome. Take it away…