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Dream on…

First things first, Ha ha ha ha in the face of the ‘dippers. They really, really need to rethink their gameplan. Benitez was hoping for a 1:0 before halftime so that he could sit out the second half in the trenches. Sadly, he underestimated the United backline and overestimated his own ageing one.

Now, onto other things. Arsenal win at home against Chel$ki. Nice game too, for snoring through. The gooners were in fine counteracking form and the Russian circus put on another priceless show of absolute ineffectualness. But I’ve got to say, they were pretty tight defensively, conceding only thanks to a ‘keeper’s error of judgment.

How is this going to affect us in the weeks to come? Well, for one, the league is now a two horse race more or less. Chelsea are five points down and have lost Terry to what appears like a ruptured metatarsal. Liverpool are definitely out. I’m looking forward to Benitez’s sacking in the next two months because with his defensive outlook, the Merseysiders aren’t going to see too many goals coming their way. A draw here, a loss there, and they should be a healthy 12 or 15 points adrift.

Arsenal are a point up. Just one point. What is the bet they are going to lose quite a deal of those in January especially with the African Nations cup at hand? Toure, Eboue and Sagna (RR: Sorry K9, he’s French) are out, leaving them with one Gallas and one Clichy for first choice defenders. Moreover, Wenger has built a one man team, whether he likes it or not. Their prime mover, Fabregas, is not been dipped in the river Styx either. The guy is certain to miss a couple of games through injury and the Goons are sure to stumble.

If all goes well with United, we should see Gary’o returning in January. I’ll keep my fingers crossed on that one. That should make a world of difference to us what with his running down the right flank and his brilliant crosses. An Evra down the right, if you will. Think of the possibilities. Rooney isn’t doing too well yet, admitted. But we’ve stopped depending on a full fledged striker as of last season. Park is coming back, to give us that much additional speed down either flank. Scholes, our playmaker and by far our best attacking midfielder, should be back in time to start by late January. Things are brightening up and then some.

I know I may be a bit out of my depth here, but I’ll stick my neck out nonetheless. By February, with a bit of luck, we should be sitting pretty atop the table with a at least a 5 point lead. And success this season, like last season, should be well within grasp. The only real worry now is the January transfer window (barring injuries, of course). I hope Fergal isn’t pressurized by the Glazers to do a sale of some player, because that would be disastrous considering how well this team is gelling together. Fucks to all those people who will point out to Ronnie’s selfishness, or Rio’s bling thing. That is nothing compared to how well these guys are playing in the face of adversity. I know this for sure now because of what I saw today. If Anfield isn’t adversity, I don’t know what is.

So to all you lovable fellow reds, Dream on! Let’s hope that this time around, we face Kaka and company with a full squad in the Finals. I’d like to see Ancelotti smirk then…Cheerio…