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Does Heinze want to leave Manchester United?

The case for ‘Heinze’ leaving is made as such: he’s wanted to leave for a long time, he’s Argentinian so he’s better suited to the Italian / Spanish leagues, his first-team spot has been taken by Patrice Evra, he wants to play center-back, he wants a new challenge, he makes too many mistakes, he’s not good going forward…have I missed anything?

Has he asked to leave? No – in fact Heinze is on record for saying that he owes Ferguson a debt of honor for standing by him during his injuries last season – this was his third season for Manchester United, and he’s only had one full season here (injury free), his first, and he was our best player that season. If I remember correctly he had the same technique as before – not particularly great on headers, a hard tackler, he’s not a winger but does go forward, his crosses are acceptable and sometimes made mistakes – like every defender does.

When Heinze came and lit up Old Trafford, no one mentioned his nationality – in fact we were all surprised that he adapted so well to the Premiership, given United’s experiences with other South American players (Veron, Forlan and Kleberson).

And his first-team spot? I’m sure Heinze doesn’t see himself as second-choice – and I personally don’t see him as being permanently side-lined from the left-back role. The true test for both Evra and Heinze will come next season when they’re both fit from the start – then we can see who is the first-choice left-back.

He wants a new challenge? He’s hardly played two full seasons for United! If he had been here for 6-8 years I’d have understood that, but he’s just been here for 3 years and he’s definitely still got lots to win with United.

The last argument is that Heinze wants to play centre-back but doesn’t get the chance to at United. Yes, he does want to play in a central role (from what I remember from an old interview) but a) is that enough of a reason for a player to leave a club he has otherwise no intention to and b) how many players do you know who have quit clubs even when they got regular football just because they wanted to play in a different position (but had better players ahead of them)?

No, and hardly any.

Heinze gets regular football, is a respected member of the Manchester United squad (Ferguson made him captain for a couple of games towards the end of the season – if you see the other players made captain this season you’ll see he’s in good company (Neville, Giggs, Ole, EVDS, Rio, Rooney)) and is still part of Ferguson’s starting XI plans. He’s also one of the better defenders in the Premiership. And he’s playing for the Premiership champions.

So let’s leave out the fabricated rumours where the Spanish media make up quotes and we blindly believe them and instead, look at the facts.

So tell me again – who says that Heinze wants to leave? Him? His teammates? His agent?

Or The Sun?

And who would you rather believe?

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