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Discussion: What Do We Do With Heinze?

Today we start a new section at Red Rants. It is in an effort to make it a little more interactive. I know our comment threads are robust enough and will continue to be so. But, starting from today, from time to time we will feature posts that just puts forward some questions to which we ourselves don’t have very clear answers to. (It wouldn’t be a regular feature but we’ll probably put them up when we feel like there’s something worth discussing about.) So we’d put them up for you to discuss. So what is different here? We have these topics to be discussed in our forums where, we create a specific thread for the topic in question.

For regular readers of Soccerlens this would be a familiar routine. Others, it’s not rocket science so read on, for today’s topic:
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What Do We Do With Heinze?

So now that he’s lost his appeal, surely people might be expecting us to flog him to the next interested club – so long as it is not Liverpool.

So do we wait for a good offer and freeze him in our reserves? Is his situation completely beyond repair? (I know I will get obvious answers to that question, but is there a chance Fergie can convince him?) I believe SAF still rates him as a player.

His inclusion at LB could push Evra forward at LM, thus giving us more penetration forward and better defensive protection at the back. Honestly, I found Evra to be far more threatening on the left wing than Nani. Only if he could be more consistent throughout the match.

Anyhow, what do you guys think? Discuss away at our forum thread created for this purpose.

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Update: If is to be believed, reports from the Argentine press seems to point towards Madrid having signed Heinze. So is it clear that Real Madrid is now the official retirement home of ex-Man United players?