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Did you cash in on our 16/1 United tip?

United trophy ceremonyThis time last year RedRants told you United were a great bet in the handicapped market to win the Premier League and that’s exactly what they did.

With a +2 start they never needed, United romped to the title with a total of 91pts pipping EVERTON by just 4pts while City’s apparent slickers and their scratch handicap amassed a shameful 78pts. (See below for complete handicap positions for 12/13)

You can remind yourselves or look for proof if required by reading last years article entitled ‘United a good bet for the title‘. This season we’ve teamed up with LuxBet to try to bring you another great United tip.

Since 2007 United have only been beaten to the Premier League title twice, once by a point and once on goal difference. Because of this United generally start as hottish favourites for the league with a price floating somewhere around evens your money, with the retirement of Sir Alex and the introduction of the David Moyes era the bookies are feeling a little less scared of United and now offer prices in the region of 5/2.

5/2 itself on United to win the league outright is a VERY decent price in my view especially considering the previous six seasons of form.

There are many United fans who believe United have zero chance of winning the title this year simply because we’ve changed our manager and our squad has suddenly become inferior despite the 11pt gap they created to easily win last seasons title.

The same fans claim Chelsea will walk away with the title and City won’t be far behind.

Excuse me? Both those clubs have also changed their manager and, despite adding to their squads during this transfer window, there’s no way of knowing exactly how Chelsea or City will perform over the next nine months and whether or not it will be anywhere near enough to usurp United and their likely robust defence of their crown.

In last seasons preview I pointed to the fact players like De Gea and Evra would step their performance levels up, couple that with the return of Vidic, and United would concede less therefore be more difficult to beat. That foundation proved to be correct and United, with the addition of RvP’s goals, brought home their 20th league title.

This year the same squad has twelve more months of successful experience under its belt but it is STILL looking light in midfield and, dependant on the outcome of the Rooney affair, possibly dangerously short of options in the (god forbid!) event of a Robin van Persie injury.

With Moyes yet to successfully delve into the transfer market we’re left with just a few days to the start of the season and a prediction to make. Do we think he’ll add that all important midfielder to strengthen? I think he will.

Fellaini with MoyesI still think pilfering Everton is a last resort for Moyes. However, Fellaini is and always was his number one target and as the days tick by his arrival becomes ever more ominous.

I’m beginning to believe Wayne Rooney won’t be sold despite my belief the boy should be long gone by now. If that’s the case and Moyes can get him concentrating on goals rather than unneccessary Hollywood balls from deep, a Robin van Persie/Wayne Rooney frontline is, on it’s day, capable of unbelievable things and likely the envy of many of Europe’s ‘elite’.

Rooney is one of the best finishes this country has ever produced and when Wayne applies this to his game he has a devastating effect on any opponent, unfortunately his ego has led him down a path of self-destruction at Old Trafford but their seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel thanks to Moyes’ insistence he stays.

This years 5/2 in comparison to last years 16/1 may look shabby BUT with United yet to strengthen I’m taking the view they will (and the fact LuxBet haven’tvproduced a handicap market). When they do the bookies will buckle and the price will fall. 5/2 is over-priced for a team who; hold the title, have a proven track record in retaining a title, have renewed impetus AND are yet to strengthen. I call that value.

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For all those who think United WON’T win the title…..why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and take United on? LuxBet go 2/1 on both Chelsea and City. I know where my money’s going!

Come on United!

* Last seasons handicapped placings

United 91
Everton 87
Spurs 86
Southampton 86
Swansea 85
Norwich 85
WBA 84
WHU 84
Arsenal 82
Chelsea 81
City 78
Wigan 77
Liverpool 75
Reading 75
Villa 74
Stoke 73
Fulham 72
Sunderland 69
Newcastle 64
QPR 58