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Deconstructing the Fergie-Benitez-BWFM Triangular Puzzle

A picture speaks a thousand word. A video speaks, well shows, depending on its length, anything between 10 and quadrillion images. So let’s do this with video exhibits.

Exhibit I:

Inference: Arrogance, good. Contempt, bad. Contempt for Big Walrus-faced manager, worse. Who better to explain contempt and arrogance than our own beloved master mind gamer. (I just made that sound like a cool futuristic game, didn’t I?) On a completely unrelated tangent, regarding contempt and arrogance, it is quite possible that some unhappy men could summon up the courage to walk up to him and say, “Mr Pot, meet Mr. Kettle”. But that will be in a parallel universe, which is why this is an irrelevant tangent.

Exhibit II:

Inference: “I know. We make the best lasgane. Deal with it. Prepared in no time and served by me, the best waiter in Spain.” (Read these lines in conjunction with the video. Helps deconstruct the inner workings of the portly gentleman on view. If it does not, well, humour me now, will you!)

Exhibit III:

Inference: It seems our lasagne inference was wrong after all. It was the wine, Big Walrus-faced manager was after. The crossover of hands meant, no wine for you, making a subtle reference to the soup Nazi. Now anyone being denied the best wine from the best waiter of Spain is bound to be disappointed.

Since this post follows an almost Tarantinoesque non-linear narrative, exhibit I would actually come between II and III in the real world timeline, as Big walrus-faced manager works very hard (but is denied his wine). So Big walrus-faced manager does his press conference while holding onto straws handed over to him by a Scotsman returning from possibly a productive day at the Grand National.

It’s what old friends would do anyway.

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