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Dear Ben Foster

You said a few things today. Let me quote them for you, and then respond.

“The fans are obviously passionate about the club but sometimes they need to focus on supporting the club a bit more than getting carried away with the technicalities of who’s in charge.

On the green and gold campaign: “Yes, it’s a bit of a distraction when the fans are doing the chants at every game and things like that,”

Ben, Ben, Ben,
1) The Glazers being in charge of the club isn’t a minor ‘technicality’. It’s the whole frakking point! There hasn’t been such an uproar in the history of the club over ownership. [Not even when the club became a Plc.] Fans, by and large, are forgiving of the owners if they invest money into the club without siphoning it off to service their own debts.

2) As for the green and gold campaign and anti-Glazer chants, those weren’t really the reason why we didn’t win more than a Carling Cup medal. Your former boss, SAF, went on record saying that the green and gold campaign was good for the atmosphere.

You clearly don’t get it. So be a good boy; go do your job for Birmingham, and leave us fans to decide how we go about supporting our club.

– RR