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Deadline Day Looms…

We lost the Super Cup to Zenit. Chelsea proved they are still shit by dropping points. Liverpool drew to Villa, sussing out early season optimism and, more importantly, both Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres are extremely doubtful for our Anfield visit.

We have no news on Berbatov, yet. Either way we’ll get to know it today. Hopefully let the good times roll as we get into a two week period of boredom — also called the international break.

Meanwhile, I apologise for not writing up my thoughts on the Super Cup. Or generally not updating this for the last couple of days. Kudos to the folks to keep commenting despite my negligence — trust me this is only temporary. It turns out that I do have a life outside of writing about United, which is what caused me to be off the blog during the weekend.

So, in the words of Arnie, I’ll be back. Hopefully, by then, Berbatov will be wearing the red of United.

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