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David Gill gets top role

David Gill has been elected into the top executive board of members in the European Club Association which, many of you might remember, was formed under the auspices of the UEFA following the dissolution of the G14.

“I’m obviously very pleased to be elected,” Gill said. “The ECA has a very important role to play in the relationship with Uefa and other bodies within European and world football. We are the people who run the clubs, we understand the issues. All parties need to work together to come up with a set of rules and regulations that everyone buys into.”

Perez added that he was: “Very happy to be able to work for the clubs inside the big European football family.”

Florentino Perez’s influence (as someone known to favour a European super league) cannot be ignored, and it would be interesting to see what holds for the future of European club football in the coming years.