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Darron Gibson gives City the runaround

If you haven’t already seen it, here’s a clip of Darron Gibson giving Nasri, Toure and Dzeko the runaround with some great skill at the weekend.

With Gibson’s form and the improvement of Rafael this season (until Saturday evening that was!) – plus the inconsistent and erratic form of our goalkeepers – does this give more credence to the opinion that people like me and many others have within the RedRants community and beyond, that Sir Alex’s insistence on rotating the squad is denying our players the opportunity to improve to their potential level of performance?

Players need games and teams need consistency, rotation for me denies both…both, if you see what I mean.

Darron Gibson Clip:

Another example was perhaps on show tonight at St Mary’s where Jesse Lingard returned to the U21’s after a short and somewhat uneventful loan spell with Leicester City. 4 substitute appearances is all he had to show for his time there. He headed to Leicester in cracking form but returned way off the pace and looking nervous and rusty.

Players need games.

Can you think of other examples? I’m sure there’s dozens.

What about Sir Alex’s rotation? Do you think it’s the right policy and benefiting the players?