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Craig Gordon to Manchester United?

Just when you think that the Beeb is playing it straight with you, they throw you a wicked curveball that throws you off-balance. A friendly reminder that you can’t trust anyone in football.

With shades of TribalFootball and Daily Mail, BBC Sport starts off with a statement that reads:

Manchester United are considering an £8m summer transfer bid for Hearts and Scotland goalkeeper Craig Gordon, BBC Sport understands.

And after a brief mention about Martin O’Neill watching the Hearts-Kilmarnock game and scouting players, it breaks into a re-hashing of old material.

It seems that after Arsenal signed their new keeper and with Chelsea ruling out big-money / big-name signings, United are top of everyone’s list for MSU – making shit up.

However, let’s be realistic.

Do United need Gordon?

He’s experienced and he’s quite good. Haven’t seen too much of him so can’t say that he makes the same mistakes as Foster and Kuszczak but I’d suppose that he couldn’t be ‘worse’ than them.

I like Foster, and I like Kuszczak, but if Gordon is to come in and take over from EVDS eventually, I’m all for it.

Are United really after Gordon?

The goalkeeping spot, along with our defensive line, isn’t a worry for next season. However, if Gordon is available and considering that United have the cash to spend (having saved 25m last summer), I don’t see why not.

And that’s why this rumour is so enticing – Gordon will make the team better, even if it means that our current 2nd / 3rd choice keepers will be out of the starting XI.

However, I don’t think United is moving for CG. If they really are, I’d support it, but not until we’ve brought in at least another winger.



  1. Red Ranter

    21 May 2007 at 07:19

    I don’t agree, and I am surprised at your reaction.
    I think getting Gordon despite him being good in Scotland and all would be a step back for us.
    I mean why spend 8 million for someone when we’ve spent 4 million on Kuzczak and chicken feed on Foster? It would be unfair on them. Agreed he’s young. But we already have two good young keepers behind EVDS.

    And yes, I haven’t seen much of Gordon. So I won’t vouch for another keeper. 8 million is quite a bit, and we would be better served chasing an out field player.

  2. Ahmed Bilal

    21 May 2007 at 07:25

    Agreed – Gordon, if he is being considered, should be bottom of the list in terms of priority. And the 8m price tag is a bit over the top.

    But if he’s better than Foster and Kuszczak, then why not go that way?

    Favouring the kids is good but a) we’re here to win titles and b) Gordon’s 24, so he’s not that old. Foster’s 24 as well, btw 🙂 Kuszczak is 25.

    And the unfair bit – it would be unfair on us if we had a chance to bring in a better keeper but turned it down because 2 other keepers – at the same age as the guy we’re bringing in – are already there.

  3. Ahmed Bilal

    21 May 2007 at 07:28

    And if Wenger says he’s going to be one of the best keepers in the game, it’s good for me.

    Once again – 8m is a lot and getting a keeper is not a priority, but if we can get him (after we get Hargreaves, Nani, Bale, Klose, etc), then why not?

  4. perif

    21 May 2007 at 07:45

    Priority isn’t an issue. Keepers are the rarest breed. Good uns aren’t always available. Buy them before an other big club does.

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  6. samg

    22 May 2007 at 06:03

    i agree with ahmed, if towards the end of the transfer window he’s still available and we have money and all the other pieces of the jigsaw, then we should go after him.

  7. Keith Moses Kaira II

    26 May 2007 at 10:53

    I wouldn’t mind United getting him and sending Kuszsack on loan. After all he is quality…But it’s not a priority

  8. super

    10 July 2007 at 11:44

    Hey I live in Edinburgh and although I am an out and out Red, i also follow Hearts and know Craig and the family quite well, he is a fantastic goalkeeper and already better than both Kuszsack and Foster, we wouldnt need to spend 8 Million because he plays in the SPL and Romanov is trying to offload him anyway. However I dont think we need him and doubt very much that we will buy him.

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