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Courtroom Drama | Mourinho’s Latest Joke

The Tevez saga takes an interesting (but actually, quite tedious) turn as the Premier League blocks Tevez’s move to United and also rejected a personal letter from Tevez addressed to the PL asking for his registration with West Ham to be cancelled.

More importantly, United has decided to play hard ball by refusing to pay anything to West Ham. It now appears, after an apparently thorough investigation by club solicitor Maurice Watkins, that Tevez is essentially a free agent. It is increasingly clear (if it wasn’t already) that West Ham lied, and the Premier League goofed up big time over the ownership of the player. The league, of course, now wouldn’t want to go back on its ruling thus paving the way for the courts or a sports arbitration body.

There were also reports that FA and FIFA would be called into action to resolve this mess that’s been created. While retrospectively, there is hardly a chance that Sheffield United would get promoted if the truth eventually comes out, there is a good chance the Premier League would be dragged out in the open and stoned to embarrassment. It will be a big jolt to their credibility (or whatever was left of it anyway).

Anyhow, it does appear that we might probably sign Tevez only after we are well into August. But one hopes, at least, even that happens.

Onto other news, Mourinho has spoken the first of his many incoherent thoughts of the season – this time gloating about how Chelsea have been prudent this season with their signings, and how they have ‘done their homework’. It is an indirect response to SAF’s dig at the other big teams’ lack of spending. Agreed, Chelsea have been done their ‘homework’ with their free transfers so far, but financial prudence can be judged only after the transfer window slams shut. They’ve already signed Malouda for 13 million and are still linked with Alves. So we’ll have to see how their strategy pans out before making judgments.

But his intent of trying to draw attention to their club’s relative frugality after 3-4 years of criminal spending is laughable to say the least.

And that should end my rant for the day. See you tomorrow.