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The Paul McGeady Story

Club choose to ignore (ex) loyal season ticket holder

The latest chapter in ex-season ticket holder Paul McGeady’s ongoing attempts to get some answers of the club regarding their ticketing strategy and treatment of it’s fans, or as they see it, customers; see’s the club choose not to reply to Paul’s latest correspondence much to Paul’s disdain.

Are you a membership holder or a Tier 3 ST holder? Read on as Paul outlines why you are the latest ‘customer’ to suffer ill treatment.

Dear Sir / Madam,

You never did reply to my last correspondence. Perhaps you felt a reply to my first email was enough. But could I please ask that you justify the following paragraph.

“Please do not think that the Club do not feel for supporters as this is most definitely not the case. As a Football Club and as a business, the last thing we would want is to alienate supporters and we are sorry to read that you feel your support is not valued by Sir Alex, the team and the club”

Is it then true, that you do not feel increasing prices again is not “alienating supporters”. I read with interest how the board is pleased to announce that season tickets prices have been “frozen”. Except they won’t be really will they, as moving the away supporters to tier three actually means those season ticket holders (and I was one of them) will now have to buy a more expensive ticket. (in other words, the average price of a season ticket will actually increase slightly.)

I have to point out, moving away supporters to tier three for “safety reasons” is an insult of an excuse. How many years have we persevered with that safety risk of having away support in that very dangerous corner of the stadium ????)

Regardless of whether or not you go ahead with that ridiculous idea, the announcement of increasing “members” prices by £2 a game hammers home some of the points I made in my previous email.

I entitled my last correspondence as “the demise of the season ticket holder”. Congratulations on giving me a new chapter. “the demise of the united membership holder”

Maybe it’s by design, after all your website proudly boasts that season ticket holders will now enjoy a £7 saving per match on members. (small print: not really because you are forced to buy cup tickets as part of the automatic cup scheme)

Ex season ticket holder
Ex member who attends