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City Is Concerned About Some ‘Idiots’…

… so should we idiot proof Old Trafford, then? Wouldn’t be too easy, I suspect.

Anyway the Guardian reports that members of Man City’s supporters’ club have written a letter to Manchester United to call off the planned one minute silence because they fear that the minute’s silence could be disrupted by some nutty people from the blue half.

I would, for once, hand it to the bitters for showing (what appears to be) genuine concern. There certainly is a cross section of Citeh fans who have memory long enough to remember that one of their own fell victim to the crash. Or maybe it’s just the humanness in them that made them rise above the rivalry.

However I doubt the club would be moved from their plan to maintain a minute’s silence, instead of the minute’s applause that has usually been the case in Premiership games; after all it was under Sir Bobby Charlton’s insistence.

The concern among City fans could also be out of fear of being shown in poor light. After all, a sizable audience will be watching a derby game, and disruption of silence by some crazy fans would only reflect badly on City and their fans. So we must go ahead with our plan of a minute’s silence.

What do you think? Would it be better to have a minute’s applause instead of the minute’s silence?

Meanwhile, United lost 2-3 to Al Hilal in Al Jaber’s testimonial. Yawn! Now that’s 1 million in the purse and a long tiring journey back home. I wasn’t too bothered to even look for a link to the match — as I had said earlier, the trip is entirely meaningless, considering the timing.

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