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Charlie Adam to Liverpool

Why should we care about this? Is there something to be read between the lines with this impending transfer?

The Public Valuation

Adam has been a player that Sir Alex has spoken highly of in the past. The manager isn’t one to just throw out empty compliments. So, he must have seen enough in Adam in his displays against us last season to rate him as a more than capable midfielder and distributor of the ball. He went so far as to make the claim that Adam’s corners alone were worth £10m.

Considering our spending thus far this offseason, the transfer fee that Liverpool appear to be paying for Adam appears to be significantly less than what we’ve spent on any of our 3 signings thus far. A lack of funds was clearly not the issue here.

What might this mean?

So how do we make sense of Sir Alex not even registering a blip of (public) interest in Adam thus far leaving Liverpool with a clear and unobstructed path to sign the soon to be former Blackpool player?

Perhaps I’m merely grasping at straws here, but this transfer gives me some hope that the manager feels fairly confident that he can land either Sneijder or Nasri before the new season starts. He must have either received some very positive feedback from Inter and/or Nasri’s agent to believe that he could forego the chance to land Adam for a relatively cheap price and devote his energy and considerably larger chunk of his transfer budget to sign one of his main transfer targets. Perhaps Nasri’s agent has intimated that the Frenchman will throw a tantrum and demand a transfer to United. Perhaps Inter, who have publicly acknowledged their need to sell before they can buy, have already named a price for United to start the bidding at.

There’s no concrete evidence at this point obviously and this is all mere speculation. Whatever it is, I have a feeling we’ll find out within the next couple of days. Hopefully…

PS – I wonder if Liverpool realize that their midfield is pretty deep as it is. Where does Adam fit in?