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Carrick Loves Berba | United to Fight ‘Pool for Garay

A sad day for those who’ve been there all those years past. I wasn’t even born then, so I couldn’t possibly say much on John Doherty. But he was a part of a very special team, that of Sir Matt Busby. He was aged 72. There is a link to the page on where his good friend Paddy Crerand talks about him.

RIP Doherty.

Meanwhile, Michael Carrick has made public his admiration for Dimitar Berbatov. He feels that a player of his quality would be definitely welcome as he would improve the squad. I think it probably has more to do with the journalist putting words into his mouth. Of course, he does have some affinity for Spurs. So the connection might mean him talking about Berbatov in glowing terms. My thoughts on Berbatov coming to OT has already been written earlier. So I wouldn’t be arsed to talk about it again.

Ben Foster blogs (yes you read it right, he blogs) on the official site and gives us updates on his rehabilitation and aspirations. He is desperate to play again and wouldn’t care if it was for the first team, on loan or even the reserves. He just wants to play. His frustration is quite understandable, and with him being a goal keeper, the chances would be few and far between. He says he would be back by late February or early March. The article is worth a read.

The Guardian runs a story that says we are in a fight with Liverpool in the race to sign Argentine defender Ezequiel Garay. The 21 year old is a centre-back as well as a right back while he is rated at £10 million. I would be a little surprised because 10 million could be a lot for a 21 year old South American defender, especially when our youth setup is brimming with talent in that department. Although I wouldn’t mind it as long as it’s much less than the reported 10 million quid.

And that’s about it for today. Sorry, but I haven’t found anything else worthy to talk about.

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