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Captain Marvel, Lord Ferg and Other Stories

United legend Bryan Robson could return to the club to play an ambassadorial role, not very different from other legends like Sir Bobby Charlton.

Despite a stellar career as a player, he couldn’t quite cut it as a manager, save for an above average spell at Boro. So it would make sense for him to give up on that and join the ranks of United evangelists.

Apart from that, I must say there hasn’t been news worth reporting. Unless you want to know about the FA getting irked about SAF and Queiroz’s outbursts. In fact, if you read it you might get the impression that they’ve probably killed someone. The point is, most managers do get worked up after a result like that, and they, like many fans — some of whom were on this very site — could get carried away and go on a rant. Perfectly natural. Although, since they are managers and the rules say so, they can’t blast referees in public.

In other news, Aberdeen will play United in a pre-season scheduled for 12th July. This is to mark the Dons’ 25th anniversary of winning the European Cup Winners’ Cup — and of course, under a certain Alex Ferguson. It is incredible, if you think about it now, how he broke the hegemony of the Old Firm in Scotland before coming to United. So there’s one emotional reunion for the Gaffer.

Meanwhile, this week — I forget when exactly — we have the small matter of finding out who we’ll be drawn against. To be honest, apart from the English opposition, I don’t see any club quite as intimidating. Not even Barcelona, ravaged by injuries and a misfiring forward line. I wouldn’t blink an eyelid if we faced Barca at their current state — not to mention, Messi going out for at least 6 weeks. The other clubs remaining are Roma, Schalke and Fenerbahce and I hope we face one of these, although we could very well be facing one of the English clubs. Here’s hoping Chelsea and Liverpool draw, killing each other with their boredom.

Finally, there has been lots of annoying crap in the media about Ronaldo’s comments with regards to the Distin penalty appeal. I don’t know how, “I have to change my style of play” could be twisted into a headline claiming that Ronaldo may move to Real Madrid if he wasn’t offered protection from refs. Not just in mainstream broadsheets or tabloids, but even some United fan sites have lapped it up. I mean, come on!

Anyway, that’s it for today. A fairly boring post, but I think you can speculate about our next Champions’ League opponent or figure out some way by which we can protect the best (most skillful) players in the league.

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