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Busby Babes RIP


I was searching for some good material covering the Munich disaster. But then there was substantial coverage on here last year marking the 50th anniversary that culminated in Man City’s victory over a, possibly overwhelmed, (or overawed) United side.

But the best material I found on Munich this time again was in the official United site. The put up a black banner on top with the clock.

The piece, “The darkest day: Feb 6th 1958” is a very good read indeed. It also plays a BBC clip breaking the news of the Munich disaster.

The most comprehensive analysis of the event, for those not aware, is of course the trusty Wikipedia entry on the Munich air disaster.

For detailed player profiles of that unfortunate squad Mufcinfo, as always, is the site to read. If you haven’t visited that site earlier you must. The person, who runs that site, has painstakingly compiled each and every perceivable records achieved by United or United players as he humanly can. It is an unofficial encyclopedia, if you will.

I’ll leave you with a Busby Babes tribute video: