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Brum 0-1 Reds: Another Scrappy One-Nil Win

Sorry to burst expectant readers’, well, expectations. But I couldn’t watch the game. I had some frustratingly pressing matter to attend to during that time and I was, well, frustrated as hell to not be watching the game. Although, upon hearing what some of my mates had to say about the game, the comments on the last post and some other sites I thought I might have been equally frustrated watching the game.

Oh well. I’ll still try to piece up something based on observations, and leave the stage to you, dear readers, to give your more informed observations.

For one, going by reports, I was surprised to hear that our team was actually tested defensively. In previous games we were bossing the midfield without creating much, but our defence was assured as hell, rendering EVDS redundant. This time, with defenders clearing balls off the line, goal keepers having to make reflex saves, EVDS going off injured with a sore toe, and Kuszczak making a great save towards the end – there were quite a few heart stopping moments, I missed.

There are positives from this, though. We are winning consistently on off-days, and with our defence being tested. Particularly important, what with the Roma game midweek. TK, who had to deputize for EVDS, had a good 45 minutes too.

Another positive to come out from this game is that Ronaldo is scoring. His, and Rooney’s, directness are necessary for our team, especially, now that there are murmurs of disapproval at our seemingly alarming tendency to give the ball away far too easily.

Fans seemed unhappy with Giggs, Scholes and Carrick. While I haven’t seen the game I am still prepared to stay patient with Scholes and Carrick. In Giggs’ case, I think he cannot be expected to last the entire 90 minutes. He should be used in short bursts – either for the first hour or the last 30′.

It looks like SAF plans to use Saha as a sort of super-sub, given his injury problems. Although I think he’s trying to increase his longevity by holding him back. Either way, Saha is at his best when he starts and not as a sub. When he starts, our team has a focal point due to which we gain early momentum. In fact, for a while we did have Ronaldo Rooney Tevez and Saha playing at the same time. I don’t think that is too bad an idea. Tevez did well for West Ham even when he was shunted to the left-wing.

The bottom line, however, is that we are winning, and while it doesn’t make me feel too thrilled to admit that the Blue half of Manchester is playing the more aesthetically pleasing style of football, something keeps telling me that we’ll get there in a bit. We should just continue taking the points before we click. Although we have been saying this for quite some time, haven’t we?

We continue to hope, nonetheless. Your comments/mini-match reports in the comment section welcome!