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Bright young gem catches United’s eye

Saphir TaiderWith United’s summer transfer dealings up in the air, many names are being spoken about as potential targets, while it seems talks to bring Ronaldo back to the club persists.

Until the futures of Ronaldo and fellow ‘fast-track bully’ Gareth Bale are decided, the transfer market will be stuck in neutral.

One way or another, this summer more than any other, one decision on one/two players future/s will thrust it into gear.

Regardless of how the ‘Ronaldo to United’ business pans out, United still require a central midfielder but, despite confirmed bids for Cesc Fabregas, the £80m allegedly set aside for Ronaldo, must surely be affecting their actions.

One name United have registered an interest in is Bologna gem, Saphir Taider.

According to reports, the 21yr-old Algerian international has impressed many with assured midfield performances during his time in Serie A, including David Moyes.

The fee for Taider is believed to be in the region of £15m. If a deal for Ronaldo came to fruition, that £15m would be a far more attractive figure to United chiefs than the £40m required for Fabregas, if indeed he even wants to leave the Catalan giants.

This summer feels like we’re sat on the starting grid at Spa. One deal will turn the lights green and the race to Eau Rouge will begin. Turn one could decide many of the final positions in next years race to the title, so it’s important not to get left behind.

The clock is ticking towards that crucial moment.

Despite much negativity and scorn from fans towards United’s strategy this summer, I honestly believe this Ronaldo business is skewing reality. I’m sure United are doing all they can behind the scenes to best position themselves to strengthen the squad for a successful attempt at retaining the title. The merchants of doom will probably call me naïve, I prefer to call it positive.