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Brief International Roundup + Berbatov’s Fitness Regime

Zzzzzz… So have you ever seen such a boring period of absolutely no football? Well, I know the answer to that is yes; all international breaks are like that. But when we went through a nerve wracking 24-hour period as the transfer window shut, any period of no club football would seem terribly empty. It’s like the other day when a mate of mine was going at 110 mph when he slowed down to 80 only for it to seem like the car was crawling at 30 or something. (Oh, don’t tell your local cop about it though.)

Anyway, my point is we signed Berbatov but we don’t get to see him join up with the team until Thursday (or whenever he finishes with his Bulgaria commitments). But since winning the Champions’ League in May, I haven’t been nearly as excited as I am now, in looking forward to the Reds turn out at Anfield to tackle the fake reds. The long injury list at the beginning of the season took some sting out of my early season excitement but now, with Berba’s arrival, I feel like the season’s started all over again. As if Fergie didn’t have it difficult enough last season picking his best XI, especially in midfield, I think he has an even bigger conundrum in the striking department now managing Berbatov, Tevez and Rooney. I wish we travel to Anfield today.

While on Berbatov, the News of the World ran a story that he needs a rigorous fitness regime to get his fitness up to “United standards” — whatever that means.

Right now there is an international break going on and I have some good news to report. Tevez got sent off for Argentina (again) which means he’ll be suspended for their next game and can return sooner (I hope). Gotta love him!

Rooney started for England as they limped over Andorra. I think he was poor for them as were pretty much the whole team. I say this because that’s all I read about it in the papers. I really couldn’t give a toss about the England team anyway. Brazil, on the other hand, is a team that I’ve traditionally liked although Dunga, it seems, is on a managerial tightrope. Brazil have a crunch clash away to Chile today, but why am I bringing this up? Because Anderson’s injured and won’t play.

Berbatov played for Bulgaria as they drew with Montenegro. France continued to astound everyone by playing shit even with an array of really good players — Evra started as the French slumped to a 3-1 defeat to Austria. So when is Domenech going to get the sack?

Queiroz’s Portugal continued to impress as Nani found himself on the scoresheet in a 4-0 romp over Malta. And Fletcher played as Scotland lost to Macedonia.

I think that rounds this up but then, couldn’t be bothered to dig up anymore. So there…

Meanwhile, things have gone real quiet on the club front and it would be that way till the players get back from their international breaks.

I can’t wait for the Liverpool game, personally. I hope you are all eager too.