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Brief Comment on Comments

I’ve been meaning to write a set of guidelines to make certain things clear to commenters on this site. Of course, these are in addition to the comments policy on this site. What I am going to say won’t be ground-breakingly new but a repeat of things I’ve been saying all along for about a year just to remind people of some key issues on the site.

So hear me out…

  • Whilst you are allowed freedom to express yourself in anyway as long as the object of your reference is United, the players or football in general, you can’t judge or attack or make some presumptions on fellow commenters as for the most part they will find that annoying. Also snide remarks that seek to wind people up will be frowned upon; if you have something to say, say it don’t try to back-hand the person.
  • I don’t enjoy moderating fights that go on in the comments section. It’s very tiresome trying to keep one’s cool and trying to understand where both parties are coming from and then having to make a decision. But it has to be done, and I will continue to do it.
  • Whilst I’ve been fairly patient in listening to emails, responses and grievances from readers regarding being attacked or offended by certain comments, at the end of the day I hold the sole discretion to make a call. You will have to agree with it and move on. If you can’t then I suggest making use of the multitude of links on our blogroll — they are all good United fan sites and I am not forcing you to read this site. You come here on your own volition. You know it and I know it too which leads me to the next point
  • I don’t hold any personal vendetta against any particular commenter. Some of you might find this laughable but I have got emails from not one or two but several people thinking that I have been partial towards the other party — often it has been from both people on either side of the warring fence! I think I have a fair idea of what is good for the site: if I keep banning people for no rhyme or reason it will be this site which will suffer. So yes, I do know what is good, and my decisions will be for the good of this site and community.
  • You can make controversial remarks but when you do so you must open yourself to being questioned. You have to be prepared to take it if you dish it out, of course, as long as there is only questioning of ideas; not personal.
  • At the end of the day, and I’ll repeat it, I make the final decision to resolve fights and I don’t intend to pick on anyone when I make a choice. Respect it and move on. Or, you know, this is not the only United site… bah! You get the point.

PS: Don’t worry, this isn’t the last post for the next 24 hours. Another post will follow soon.